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Heavy Periods - MENORRHAGIA

Heavy periods are a common concern among women before menopause. The medical term for heavy menstrual bleeding is “menorrhagia”.

If you have menstrual bleeding so heavy that you dread your period, especially when your period have causes enough blood loss and cramping that you have to restrict your daily activities, talk to your GP or gynaecologist. There are many effective treatments for menorrhagia.

Causes of heavy periods

The common causes of heavy menstrual bleeding are:

In particular, seek medical help if you experience:

What can your doctor do for you?

Depending on your symptoms and medical background, your GP may:

How can your Gynaecologist help you?

You may need to see a Gynaecologist when:

We will help you to work up the cause of heavy periods and to determine the best treatment strategy for you. Specific treatment will be tailored to the condition and needs of individual woman. It is based on a number of factors, including:

Our specialized treatment programmes

The followings are some examples of our treatment packages for menorrhagia. They may be used alone, in combination, or as part of a stepwise management strategy.



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